Blogging just because…


Usually when I write, whether it be on here, on my mobile devices, or on paper, I write to express however it is that I am feeling at that moment. This is something I’ve been doing for years. Never considered myself a “professional writer”, I just do it because it helps me relieve. Relieve tension, stress, emotions (good and bad), and hardships. Growing up, me and “friends” didn’t ever last long. Reasons unknown, but I can honestly say..speaking for self, they didn’t last long because I’m an individual and always have been. I don’t follow behind the crowd, I do my own thing, go my own route, and express myself with no hesitation and no sugar coating. That’s something CLEARLY not many can handle, so I’ve never really had that “friend” to spill all guts to. Even the friends that are great friends, some I’ve had for years, some are new…I still find it difficult to trust people with personal feelings to a certain extent. I have my reasons….lol. Therefore, my outlet since about age 8 has been writing! Even though I have a few close friends I can talk to, some things are just better left unsaid, and written down. Today, I’m feeling on top of the world! Lately, I’ve been really down in the dumps yet somehow managing to keep myself together. I often amaze myself with how strong I can be, when I feel I’m at one of my weakest points ever…

I can admit, for some of the things I deal with on a daily basis, I am ecstatic that I can continue to walk around with a smile on my face and remain positive mentally, emotionally and overall spiritually. I am also grateful and appreciative for my struggles, for I know there are others out there who would do anything to trade their problems for mine. 


BXtch You Killed My Vibe!


I’m not the nicest person in the world, but I am far from the meanest! I don’t go around biting peoples heads off for no apparent reason, however I also don’t allow people to come around trying to chew off mine! I do nothing but wake up, praise/thank the lord, work, smile and attempt to get others to smile! Why is there always someone trying to kill my vibe? Its sad too, because that woman is 34 years old, I am 22! It is really ridiculous that you are even concerned with me, but alright…I suppose. Every little thing I do, or so…don’t do or say, is an issue! Why? Why is it that WHATEVER I do WHENEVER I do it, bothers you so? Or is it that you simply don’t have a life, anything to do, or anyone for that matter. You aren’t my mom or my boss, so why are you telling me what is or isn’t, should or shouldn’t that is none of your concern…. nor am I concerned about any “advice” you are trying to give! It’s someone wondering why didn’t I say this to her… lmao I HAVE MULTIPLE TIMES, she’s just slow ( a tad bit off ) and continues to do it. We are NOT friends, enemies, frienemies or anything else. Leave me alone!! My goodness….then you have the nerve to work with me… I’m always at work, which means you are always around….ugh … FML So hard !!! lol

Sudden change … Take the test.



What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and suddenly felt different? How would you react if life as you knew it came to an abrupt change… For the worst? One day you wake up, you go about your morning as you would on any other. You jump in the shower, you prepare your clothes for the day, you go into the kitchen to whip up a quick breakfast and your significant other tells you they have given you a sexually transmitted disease, one of which prevents you from being able to have children? A person actually being able to find the perfect response to this, in my opinion has beyond earned an award for outstanding patience! I wouldn’t know where to begin with something to say to that. When people get intimate with one another either frequently, now and again, or once… They take the risk of something being transmitted. A scary reality many overlook, engaging in the activity as if it’s a hobby or something done in recreation. One of the harsh, yet honest reasons as to why things tend to spread as often as they do. People do it, and do it well, yet fail to take full responsibility for the actions they display. Someone taking the life of another person for granted and treating it as if it really makes no difference if it’s another person affected or not. How could one be so heartless? Is this really what the world has come to? Not at all for the better, just how it is. Your future, your goals, your life rearranged in the matter of minutes. What do you do? How do you feel? GETTING TESTED IS A NECESSITY! KNOWING YOUR PARTNERS RESULTS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT! DON’T BE IN THE DARK… GET TESTED!