Roles of the man and woman …


Everyone knows that the man and woman each have roles to play. Both individually and within the relationship. When I was younger, like many girls, I was under the impression that the man works, provides and protects & the woman nurtures, cooks, cleans & everything else. Now that I’m older I understand all of these things are true but can go for either or both parties. Of course there are people whom still heavily believe in the way it was originally and feel that’s the only way it should be. However, I have a bit of an open mind and feel that as long as both parties carry an equal amount of weight that an equal amount can and will be brought to the table creating ultimate balance. Granted some people don’t think the roles should ever be reversed or edited, I don’t see a problem! If I the woman am career oriented, ambitious with unlimited and unstoppable drive and I want to be head hancho at a law firm, but my man can “cook, clean and everything else”, I don’t understand the problem with that. Or if both parties want to work 9-5’s, cook, clean, protect, nurture, everything in one together… I don’t see a problem with that either. Whatever works for couples, works for them. No two couples are the same, and I don’t expect everyone to agree. My opinion still stands lol. As long as there is balance and equality you have a guaranteed recipe for a successful, happy relationship, even if you do add your own additional ingredients !!!! 💯💙


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