Random thought on repeating yourself ..


Something that everyone (including myself) claims to hate, yet continues to do, is repeat theirselves. Often times, more times than not actually, we do it without even realizing it. That can happen for several reasons, one being you’re saying it in a different way, so it doesn’t even begin to cross your mind that this is the millionth time you’ve discussed whatever it is, you’re discussing! Another reason is that, whoever you’re speaking to, or about, you deeply care for. You’re constantly raking your brain to come up with excuses for why they didn’t take heed to, or understand what it was you said the first time or even first few times you said it. You decide that because you care for them so, you will CONTINUOUSLY allow them the opportunity to understand. Of course there are so many other reasons as to why we refuse to stop doing something we “HATE“, but those are the main reasons. It gets to the point of repetition (hence repeating ones self), we do it so often that it becomes habit, second nature. In scenarios dealing with loved ones, it can often make you feel unheard, or not much at all cared for.. Although tiresome and both mentally and emotionally draining, it lives on yet another day, another conversation, another story… When will we as people learn to listen when people are speaking to us… To make their lives easier and less repetitive ?! Lol