Present choices.



It really blows my mind how someone can not be present but feel like they deserve the gift. It takes more than sperm to be there for your child, & if that’s all you think you need to do.. That’s fine. Just consider yourself a sperm doner not a father! Not a daddy! … Smh my mind truly be blown with how these men be thinking. Pregnancy is a process. You left a woman to deal with all of that process by her self and you feel you have rights to something? Where were you when she needed her back, feet or calfs rubbed? Where were you when she had doctors appointments EVERY month to check on her and the baby’s health? Where were you when her body went through dramatic bodily changes and she could no longer see her toes or her nipples were constantly itching because they’re stretching or her innie became an outtie, or her body added four more stretch marks to it’s collection? Where were you while she waddled through trimesters looking for a job to fill in the blank spots of a responsibility you should be handling? After all your main concern isn’t her or your child, it’s everything but… Updating the world on what’s going on as if you’re present. You don’t know shit. All you know is what she told you because she’s there! She has no choice but to be. But you, you have a choice, and you decided you want to be captain superhero to everyone else’s problems but your own. Your choice was to make excuses as to why you can’t be present during those things. Your choice was to leave her alone to deal with the changes on her own. Your choice was to be non appreciative and supportive of the woman soon to bare your child… Then have the audacity to not even cater to her feelings.. Ever, at all. You should be lucky she didn’t place your ass on child support months ago! Your choice was to choose the side of other females over hers. You chose to do all of these hurtful things, then turn around and THINK .. Like really think you have ANY right to ANYTHING? The name? Who is and isn’t apart of the child’s life? How the child will be raised? What? No .. During those times in their life she’ll remember how you chose to not be there while they were at their most critical. A woman can die both during pregnancy and giving birth. It’s a lot on ones body and YOU decided not to be there, so she decides you don’t deserve to make any choices when the child is born. You’ve used them up! Continue to do as you’ve done… Be the person who donated the sperm, that doesn’t show up to drs visits, that let’s the mother of your child work triple shifts on swollen ankles to pick up your slack that shouldn’t even be there.. Continue to be absent! You don’t deserve this blessing… You don’t deserve this present!