Trials & Tribulations


One thing that I noticed, is that no matter how hard one person may work or how positive someone may be, trials and tribulations will occur. A lot of the times, when those things happen that test our faith, you find out just how weak or strong you may be. During the darkest times of our lives is when we truly have time to discover who we really are, and come face to face, get up close and personal with the individual we no longer wish to be. Everyone gets to that point in their lives where they wish to evolve to become any and everything better. You begin to outgrow those things, places and people that you thought you would always love.

Being this young, I understand that I still have plenty of time to grow out of and into all things necessary, so I allow the time to do what it has to. It doesn’t hurt any less however, I just find instant comfort in knowing that eventually everything will get better.

Being a mother of one, my plan was never to be a single parent, taking care of any and all responsibilities alone, but thats just what I have to do. Realizing that no matter how much it may pain me, it will be okay, better than.

When I made the decision to bring my child into this world, I chose to make all ends meet, even if that means I have to do it alone. For a while everything started coming down on me at once,, HARD… My relationship broke apart, I lost my job, fell behind on bills. I literally only kept it together for my son. Knowing that he watches mommy’s moves, I refused to lose. So with the savings I had, I purchased the things that he needed, paid things towards bills, etc. I was already looking for another job while working, but got let go early due to labor optimization at my job. Therefore, my job search was a lot more intense. 5 interviews a week, & I am pleased to say that I have been receiving several blessings. I have been given a new job offer, and may even have a new place in the works for my son and I.

I feel this will be us closing one door, and stepping through so many more. Our new journey.

Moral of this writing today, is to stay focused and determined regardless of what trials and tribulations you may be facing daily.   Do NOT allow anyone or anything take your energy away. You are valuable, you are important, and you CAN do this!!!

Until next time…