What makes a sibling whole?


One thing I was never too fond of, is when someone considers a sibling of theirs or someone else to be a half brother or sister. I understand the fact that sometimes two siblings may have different mothers or fathers, however at the end of the day.. Regardless of parent..that’s still your sibling. I think my feelings would be completely hurt if I had children who didn’t have the same father and looked at each other as half brothers or half sisters. Who even made that up or came up with the idea of “half brother & sister” ?? What were they thinking exactly? ESPECIALLY if you both or you all came out of one woman or out of one mans sack… You’re whole siblings. Are there certain benefits from this, are you able to receive some sort of reward for being a whole sibling? I personally don’t and more than likely won’t ever get the point of that. If someone is your brother or sister, they are just that.. Your brother or your sister.