Nobody is perfect – Everyday human!





Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, everybody has to learn on their own time. All of these things are true, yet people behave as if they just heard these things for the first time, and most.. Like they’ve never heard them before at all! People are so quick to judge things they don’t understand. Which brings me to my question “How can you judge something, if you don’t even understand it?” Isn’t that the opportunity to learn about it, ask questions, get to know it? If you did that much at least your opinions have the possibility of being valid. Everyone has their way of doing things and on top of that, you never know why they do the things they do to begin with. For example, take a girl who decides she wants to become a stripper, everyone judges her based off of the things she does to get her money, but nobody knows she has a mother who’s dying of cancer and has no way to pay for the medications she needs to fight for her life! See, my point is you can’t always judge something based off how it comes across to YOU, because although you see it a certain way- doesn’t mean that’s how it is. Yes there are other ways to make money, but it’s fast money. Cancer spreads and takes lives easily, quickly, viciously. She wants to save her mothers life, yet everyone makes her feel filthy, lower than ground zero, scum of the earth! A young man traps, hustles to make ends meet… They call him a hoodlum, they say he’s no good, they say he won’t ever amount to anything, but what people don’t know is his dad left his mom, and is somewhere unknown, dead.. His mom is ill, she can’t work, & he has a 3 month old daughter who he can barely provide for due to budget cuts at his job & no one else will hire him..due to a false claim against him, from his child’s mother in his records, because he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Just because you see something one way, doesn’t mean that’s how it is… Remember, nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and everybody will learn in their own way at their own time. It’s rough out here, and judging someone else when I’m certain your life isn’t all the way together and your name isn’t “Jesus”, is not helping the case at all! We gotta do better!!! #Human #Nobody #Perfect #Judging #Contradiction #Understand #Differences #Reality.