Living on your own is one of the best, yet scariest things there is to ever experience. Don’t let anyone fool you!!! My first experience on my own was at the age of 18! There were times prior to that, when I knew that when the time came, I would be ready. I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t right either! Everything my mom told me was right (as always), for future references…Please listen to your moms. They aren’t always right, but more times than not..they are! This living experience took place in Chapel Hill, NC! Which, could have added to the scary factor. I’m from a place 8 Hours away from that (NEW JERSEY). so, even if I wanted to run home to mommy, that was completely out of the question. I moved in with my uncle and his room mate, he was never there, nor was my uncle which is how it turned into me living alone. When I went down there, I literally had little to nothing to my name. I mean, of course I had something, but it definitely wasn’t enough for expenses that come with such a huge responsibility. Aside from the limited amount of funds, there were days I went without eating, with nothing to drink besides tap water! Me being the woman I am though, days like that didn’t last long at all. As soon as I touched down, I immediately started looking for jobs. Keep in mind this is not an area I was at all familiar with, everything was new. The town, the people, and especially their way of living. However, I found no excuses. The word “excuse” is not even in my vocabulary! I learned how to use their bus system (which the town I was in had FREE buses), I learned where the places of business were, and from there I applied EVERYWHERE!. Any and every location I could possibly apply to, I applied to.. I had several interviews, until one day…I received a phone call from the local FOOD LION to come in for an interview that day, needless to say I walked in and withing 5 minutes of talking to the gm, I was HIRED! My problems of being unemployed, hungry and overall without were over! From that day forward I have appreciated the value of hard work, I even understand and thoroughly appreciate my self worth and value. I now know what I am made of. I got the job, loved it… I then begin utilizing the things my mom had taught me while growing up. Which are: how to keep up with my bills and payments, how to keep my house up, how to keep myself up, how to remain with groceries in my fridge and cabinets, while all at the same time keeping/saving funds in my accounts! You see, I was the tender age of 18 doing these things… Which let me know JUST HOW AMAZING my mother truly, truly… IS! Without her and the things she instilled, there is no way possible, I would have known what to do. I am grateful for her, I am grateful for that experience, and I am grateful for life itself. Anything could have happened to me with me being so far away from home, but it didn’t and that was the grace of GOD! I am now 22, and living comfortably. Why? How? Because, I know that I got this, and I know that God has me! It has been proven as it shall continue to be. So to everyone experiencing this or something similar…My words of wisdom to you are…NEVER GIVE UP! YOU WILL MAKE IT AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO TRY, AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT IT IS YOU DESERVE, AS LONG AS YOU STRIVE TO BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE LAST YEAR, LAST MONTH, LAST WEEK AND YESTERDAY. YOU NEVER KNOW JUST WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF UNTIL YOU TRY, TRY AND TRY AGAIN!!!!! 





What’s between two should stay that way!



When or if you’re having relationship issues, the LAST thing you need to be doing is posting about it on social networks or talking about it with your “friends”. Not everyone wants to see you happy and trust me they are smiling at every tear you drop, every complaint you make and every status you post. Relationships are between two people and by you allowing others in… You’re literally allowing others in. Into your life, into your privacy, into your business, into your relationship and into your home. Keep it on the down low… NOBODY HAS TO KNOW! This is for that boy that lost the love of his life listening to his home boys that were just jealous of what he had and to that girl that is crying miserably every night over the love of hers because her friend who was giving her “relationship advice”, starting messing with her man… Keep it strictly between the two of you. It’s the only way you’ll truly make it work! – KR –

Detox from hell… But it works though!



Okay, so lately I’ve been on this whole health kick. My routine includes : exercise, lots of stretching, massages and detoxing. Now a lot of people choose different ways of doing each of this things, my method is to go AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. No easy way outs, no short cuts. *( well I get free massages at my job, but that’s besides the point 🙂 )* So as you know being a woman, my body goes thru a lot of changes, all the time, everyday, on it’s own. I discovered not too long ago that detoxing is actually a great remedy for cleansing. Ridding the body of toxins it really doesn’t need. I was doing my usual (random research) in hopes of finding the perfect remedy/detox to both cleanse a woman, & rid the human body of toxins. I discovered garlic is a good ingredient to add to drinks. Nasty right? Yes it is. Lol my normal routine is sliced cucumbers and lemon in water. Super fresh, super healthy. This time around I added lemons, garlic and cinnamon sticks. The most nastiest thing I have ever tasted lol YET it’s working. I feel 100% better, my body is refreshed, my spirits are even lifted. This is definitely going on the record for those things you can’t knock until you try lol…. And for anyone who’s interested .. Be sure to put the ingredients in a pot with water, broil it, put it in a cup, or pitcher (depending on the amount made), put it in the fridge and let it cool, then drink up!!! GOOD LUCK 🙂

Nobody is perfect – Everyday human!





Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, everybody has to learn on their own time. All of these things are true, yet people behave as if they just heard these things for the first time, and most.. Like they’ve never heard them before at all! People are so quick to judge things they don’t understand. Which brings me to my question “How can you judge something, if you don’t even understand it?” Isn’t that the opportunity to learn about it, ask questions, get to know it? If you did that much at least your opinions have the possibility of being valid. Everyone has their way of doing things and on top of that, you never know why they do the things they do to begin with. For example, take a girl who decides she wants to become a stripper, everyone judges her based off of the things she does to get her money, but nobody knows she has a mother who’s dying of cancer and has no way to pay for the medications she needs to fight for her life! See, my point is you can’t always judge something based off how it comes across to YOU, because although you see it a certain way- doesn’t mean that’s how it is. Yes there are other ways to make money, but it’s fast money. Cancer spreads and takes lives easily, quickly, viciously. She wants to save her mothers life, yet everyone makes her feel filthy, lower than ground zero, scum of the earth! A young man traps, hustles to make ends meet… They call him a hoodlum, they say he’s no good, they say he won’t ever amount to anything, but what people don’t know is his dad left his mom, and is somewhere unknown, dead.. His mom is ill, she can’t work, & he has a 3 month old daughter who he can barely provide for due to budget cuts at his job & no one else will hire him..due to a false claim against him, from his child’s mother in his records, because he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Just because you see something one way, doesn’t mean that’s how it is… Remember, nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and everybody will learn in their own way at their own time. It’s rough out here, and judging someone else when I’m certain your life isn’t all the way together and your name isn’t “Jesus”, is not helping the case at all! We gotta do better!!! #Human #Nobody #Perfect #Judging #Contradiction #Understand #Differences #Reality.